Kongus the lineage from Siva Bhakta, Kannapa Nayanaar are primarily from agricultural background. Most pockets of Vellala Gounders live in Salem, Namakkal, Erode, Madurai, Karur, Trichy, Coimbatore and Thirunelveli districts. Over the decades kongus, in pursuit of wealth and wisdom, moved outside of KonguNadu and are widespread across the world; With higher education and intellect, kongus contribute in the field of art, Science & Technology; United States arguably the front-runner in Science & Technology has attracted a number of kongus and they live across the States and are more concentrated in North-East, Midwest and West Coast. Kongus administer local chapters as a social meeting place, to seek advice, share joy, express sorrow, extend help; Local chapters having started a decade ago by our fellow kongus with social network intent, when the world wide web was not all that mature, and run it flawless to date, is commendable;

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got”
                                                                                                     - Albert Einstein

Kongus thrive to take the next step forward in the right direction, without compromising original intent for social networking and to unify local chapters at the national level; and be best done, leveraging the world wide web which has grown leaps and bounds, since local chapters were first formed. With that intent, kongus will expand the horizon in the web space with an Online social portal dedicated to the kongus, living in US and beyond. Our vision is to become the central portal for kongus to share thoughts/memories, seek information and stay tuned to our fellow kongus. kongu.us is a not for profit website and is made possible by the voluntary efforts of our kongu families. Amidst a number of online social portals, kongu.us stands out, in maintaining very high standards in culture and heritage which is unique of the kongus.

Please help us grow this site in becoming the No.1 portal for kongus, by participating in forums, writing blogs and also feel free to share your happy moments in life, be it pictures you clicked or videos that you taped.  Do you know interesting facts about your kootam or kongu history in general? please post them in the site and our fellow kongus will love to read about them. As we intend the whole family to collaborate using the site, use your judgment while posting any content.

If you find the site interesting, pass on the word to your kongu friends; if not, let us know how we can improvise by visiting Contact Us and we will make every effort to make this site better. And always remember Kongus = kongu.us