1). What is kongu.us?

kongu.us is a niche online social portal for the kongus living in US and beyond, to stay connected.

2). While there are so many online social portals around, Why kongu.us?

Amidst a number of online social portals, kongu.us stands out, in maintaining very high standards in culture and heritage which is unique of the kongus.

 3). Is there a registration fees?

No. There is no registration fees.

4). Is my identity safe?

We do not compromise the safety of your identity, and we will not share your identity with any third parties.

5). What is the registration process?

a. Click Register button in the Home page and enter your personal information

b. Wait for an identity verification email from kongu.us and click the link to verify your email address

c. Wait for site administrator to activate your account and notify by email.

d. Sit back and enjoy the site.

6). Can I post contents in the site?

Yes. Members are free to participate in forums, post blogs and share photos/videos

7). I have queries/feedback about the site, What do I do?

Please send your queries/feedback by visiting the Contact Us page

 8). How do I contact the Site administrator?

Please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.